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Shower Blooms goal is to meet customer needs and create unique skincare essentials that will appease many different skin types. Click the links below to learn more about h o w and w h y.

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The Turmeric Glow Bar is known to reduce scarring, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and provides a natural glow. Follow up with our Vitamic C face oil for moisturization.

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Euphoria Body Oil

Ready to feel euphoric? if you're looking for a way to hydrate, nourish dry skin, and reduce irritation then this body oil is perfect for you. The infused herbs are made for healing and has antibacterial properties along with a lovely scent.

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Natural Body Wash

Not everyone is a fan of bar soap, and thats okay! So we handcrafted a body wash to make sure we cater to all your needs!

Each body wash is mild and has a beautiful smell. They all each have their own unique benefits and leave your skin feeling moisturized. Pair with matching body scrubs and oils for best results.

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Shower Blooms most recent event was a success, everyone had a blast creating their own exfoliating scrub. Do you need a fun activity for you and your friends to do or are you interested in renting our space for a small event? Don't hesitate to reach out! Click here to watch a video of the festivities.


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Shower Blooms is an active Google user, you can leave reviews and find our location on maps. If you love our products PLEASE leave a review, we love feedback! Whether it was an event or product, tell us what you think! Customer feedback is significant, it helps us understand what needs improvement to better serve you.

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